What’s Ecuador doing after the cuarentena for the Coronavirus? (Post-Covid)

Post-Covid biosecurity protocols – Ecuador

Post-CovidIt is something that took us like a bucket of cold water, the majority of us did not think that it would arrive from the other side of the world to the country, in the same way the Ecuadorians were not prepared with hospitals, medicines, doctors, cemetery, for this magnitude of infected and dead.

On March 17 the sanitary emergency was dictated, we had 1 infected person, an Ecuadorian MS that lived in España and arrived for a visit, in less than 1 week everything was closed and the order was #StayAtHome, very few could work from home, the people who sell and distribute basic necessities, medicines, doctors are the ones who could go out, the most affected were the people who live in the province of Guayaquil,  the rules were not so strong the first weeks in Guayaquil, impacting the number of deaths, hospitals, collapsed cemeteries, by deaths of covid-19 and other cases not related to the virus.

Post-Covid biosecurity protocols

Which worried the country and in other places people chose not to leave their homes and respect the restrictions, like going out once a week to shop, until 2 pm: 00 p. m, after 70 days of confinement some jobs were opened with strict protocols depending on the color of the traffic lights, the economy has stopped, a large number of people have been left without work, some jobs will be adapted and recovered little by little and others will take much longer to be reactivated like tourism, on June 1st the International Airport Mariscal Sucre in Quito was opened, with national and international flights, the community contagion is all over the country,


life is not the same, the virus has not gone away, and we are strict in the obligatory use of the mask, disinfection of the shoes at the entrance of the establishments, taking of temperature, social distancing of at least 2m, use of anti-bacterial gel with more than 70% of alcohol, washing hands frequently.

The virus has affected everyone and in its great majority the most vulnerable as older adults, people with chronic diseases likewise affected us in Guayaquil and the country, after a large quarantine we are more prepared to fight the virus, some places are already changing to green light the curve is falling and until the end of June the percentage of death by covid-19 is 0.025%.

No economic activity can open if it does not comply with the biosecurity protocols, when you visit our country it will not take you again as they are the same international protocols and we are all taking care of ourselves, ¨ it is our duty to protect ourselves and you».