A couple of hours from Quito in the capital of Cotopaxi Province, Canton Latacunga we have 2 very important indigenous real markets in the area, which exchange products from tropical areas and products from the Andes. On our 1-day tour in shared base we will have the visit to these markets, Thursday Saquisilí market and Sunday Market of Pujilí, and then reach the highest point of the 3800m mountain range (12467.19 feet) where we will visit an indigenous hut of the upper areas to get to know part of their daily life. At the beginning of our descent we will reach the community of Tigua most of its people live on agriculture, livestock, crafts and painting,  the latter two made them famous artists around the world, with sculptures of wooden animal faces with vivid colors and paintings in sheephiding leather. We are already one step away from reaching our destination, and on the route we have a mandatory stop to take photos and selfies at the viewpoint of the Toachi River Canyon.


Quilotoa lagoon, Ecuador

Who doesn’t have their selfie in this place, didn’t travel to Quilotoa! The Quilotoa lagoon is inside a volcanic crater, its emerald water impacts all its visitors. For the tranquility of its atmosphere is very visited by people who practice YOGA, MEDITATION, many couples have asked for the hand and have married on the site. The lagoon has 2 viewpoints; Shalalá viewpoint and community viewpoint. On our 1-day tour, we will visit the viewpoint of the community that has its access to the crater and we can reach the lagoon, adventure lovers will be able to kayak at 3914 m (12841.21 feet) and the riskiest ones bathe in its cold waters.

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