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Eco-sportour, was born more than 10 years ago, with a sense of conservation and practice of adventure sports in Ecuador, its founder Juan Carlos Nunez Ecuadorian by birth with many years of experience as an amateur hiker in his early years, from his young age lover of walking in the mountains, his first trip to a high mountain of complicated degree, I do it at 13 years of age climbing to the top of the snowy Chimborazo 6310 meters’ height (20702. 1 feets), the highest peak in the country, with improvised equipment.

In love with nature and the beautiful landscapes of Ecuador, waiting for the first option to escape to nature, many times he missed classes to go to the mountains, finding his way of life in working as a guide, he studied the career of Tourism at the University, While studying,he was a naturalist guide and worked as a trekking and hiking guide, practicing rafting, canyoning, bridge jumping and climbing in the well-known city of Baños. 

Then founded the company Ecosportour in the city of Quito, focusing on adventure, fun and conservation, his studies and work makes him know Ecuador in its entirety, expert adventure consultant, provides the best options for your visit in the country is the best and your dream a reality, Ecosportour owns its fleet of Tourist Transportation Golden Ecuador S.A and a Lodge in the primary jungle of Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge. Thanks to his great experience our founder is now vice-president of OPTUR, national association of operators of Ecuador.

All 3 companies have the documentation required by the control bodies of the country, we have liability insurance as we are operators of many operators, travel agencies, national and international.

Our main location is in the city of Quito and our branch in the city of Baños de Agua Santa, in both locations we have the equipment for each activity.  

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An experienced team of people passionate about traveling

Juan Carlos Nuñez


"I would like to send you a sincere "thank you" for all the people who helped in the creation of Ecosportour and continue to do so together with my team."

Cristina Cardenas


“Cristina was an excellent Travel Agent for us and considered our unique needs as she planned our itinerary. Every suggestion she made was excellent.”