Sacred Valley Ride

  • Destination: Daily Tours, Horse Riding

Sacred Valley Ride

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The most popular part of our Cloudforest-Highland Ride, combined with a new trek along the Pululahua crater edge leads us on hidden trails towards, along and above the beautiful and magical Guayllabamba river valley, that was visited and settled by ancient Ecuadorian cultures long time even before the arrival of the Incas. Ancient paths, nearly forgotten nowadays, traced and used by over 1000 year old cultures, some of who’s many different testimonies we shall encounter and admire on our ride: Pre-historical fortresses, grave hillocks, terraces and stone carvings in midst a pleasant climate and lush vegetation, are an experience to enjoy in three interesting riding days.

This trip addresses to rather experienced riders, as it is a great combination of steep adventurous climbs through dense vegetation, and long gallop stretches on mountain ridges with wide open views. On top of it all, we’ll come across the oldest Arrayan forest of South America, mystical mossy trees where elves and fairies have their home.

Sacred Valley Ride - 3 Days