Rumiñahui volcano trek

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Rumiñahui volcano trek

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Rumiñahui is named after the legendary king of the Incas.

The mountain is also sometimes called stone face of Rumiñahui who was one of the most Important warriors of Ecuador and the entire Inca empire.

This old volcano last erupted about 9 million years ago and it´s mostly made up of Andesite and basaltic rock. This eroded broken Volcano is dormant because of the collapse of magma inside chamber of the crater on the East face of the caldera wall. The walls of the peaks rise an impressive 800 + meters vertical above the high base of Tiopullo, this broken Volcano consist of three peaks above 4,000 m / 15,000 ft. in Altitude.

North Rumiñahui 4,722 m / 15,492 ft., Central Rumiñahui 4,634 m / 15,203 ft., South Rumiñahui 4,696 m / 15,407 ft.

Central Rumiñahui is the easiest and safest of all 3 peaks and no rope protection is needed.

The 2 day Rumiñahui volcano trek