Northern Iliniza

  • Destination: Aclimatization, Climbing, Ilinizas

Northern Iliniza

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Ilinizas is an ancient volcano located south of Quito that splits into two different picks; this occurred about 5000 years ago. This tour climbs the northern pick, reaching an altitude of 5126m / 16.817 ft. Northern Ilinizas is a moderate trek followed by a exhilarating but easy climb to reach the top. If you are willing to climb Cotopaxi, this is a great tour for acclimatization
This trek / climb takes approximately 6 hours reaching the mentioned height of 5126m/ 16.817 ft. It is important that you are prepared for this kind of altitude so we highly recommend to be acclimatized around an altitude of at least 3000m / 9842 ft..
The weather on Ilinizas is unpredictable so you must be prepared with warm clothing.

Northern Iliniza 1 Day