Imbabura Volcano

  • Destination: Aclimatization, Climbing, Imbadura

Imbabura Volcano

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Imbabura volcano rises to the north above scenic Laguna de San Pablo in the Interandean valley about 60 km north of Quito. The main top, Taita Imbabura (“Father Imbabura”) forms the summit, with Huarmi Imbabura (“Imbabura’s Son”). Imbabura is an inactive stratovolcano in northern Ecuador. Although it has not erupted for at least 14,000 years, it is not thought to be entirely extinct. Imbabura has no permanent glaciers. The slopes of Imbabura are especially fertile.

Imbabura is of significant importance to the local culture, which involves a spiritual relationship with the land. The mountain is sometimes personified locally as Taita Imbabura, or “Papa” Imbabura. In fact, Imbabura is considered the sacred protector of the region.

This volcano is in the center of the Imbabura province. Its elevation is 4639m.a.s.l.

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