• Destination: Amgamarca, Climbing, Trekking


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Area Information:

This trekking takes place in the Cotopaxi province, along the most occidental valleys and ridges of the Western Cordillera, starting and ending in typical Andean villages. Some parts of the area we’ll be trekking through belong to the ecological reserve Los Ilinizas. During this hike you’ll be passing along a great variety of different landscapes and vegetation zones. We start in the green Angamarca valley, climbing to the high paramo with altitudes of 4500 m, crossing Andean forests, grassy paramo as well as paramo wetlands, open valleys full with local cultivations, the marvellous Quilotoa lake and a profound canyon to reach the hidden village of Chugchilan. Besides the great diversity in flora and sceneries you’ll also observe a many different local inhabitants, with their authentic lifestyles, traditions and houses like the high paramo grass huts and the tapial and adobe constructions of the Andean villages. To be short, this trekking trip is an interesting mix of nature and local Indian highland cultures, offering an unforgettable experience and impression of the Ecuadorian Andes.


Generally, the dry season in this area is between June and January. In normal conditions it hardly rains during these months and the trails will be mostly dry. During the months of July and August it can be dusty in the area between Zumbahua and Chugchilan. (Passengers using contact lenses are recommended to take a pair of normal glasses or sun glasses with them). In the rainy season, between February and May, it normally rains at least three days a week. The first and last days of the trip turn quite muddy at this time of the year. At night, it normally freezes lightly at the campsites above the 3500 m altitude.

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